Gift Tips from Coda Signature

Gift Tips for Everyone on your Holiday List

We got the chance to ask our incredible team what they are gifting their loved ones this holiday season, and we enjoyed their answers so much, we decided to share them. From festive stocking stuffers to using our products to get into the holiday spirit, here’s a list of it all !


Marji Chimes - Chief Marketing Officer

“I'm giving everyone on my list the Snap & Spice chocolate bar. My friends and family are new to edibles consumption and the 1:1 combination of THC & CBD is a great way to introduce them to the fun and relaxing effects of cannabis. Plus I love the flavors of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, anise and nutmeg touched with a hint of orange. It reminds me of an old-fashioned, homemade gingerbread house - only SO much better!" 


Elizabeth Cooke - President & Co-Founder

“For the special friends in my life, I love to give a luxury gift box. The Crescendo truffle collection, the Symphony bath bombs, and a CO2 purely extracted vape pen for an evening of beauty and fun.”


Michael George - Director of Sales

“The perfect stocking stuffer is our decedent bath bombs. As an avid lifetime skier, my philosophy is ‘There is skiing - then there is life.’ There is no better feeling than to get in the tub after a full day of skiing and soak in one of our luxurious bath bombs. My favorite bath bomb is ‘Uplift’. I love how it makes my skin feel and relaxes me. My aching muscles and bones are rebounded more quickly and soreness is minimized.”

Mark Grindeland - Co-Founder & CEO

“Picking my favorite product to give friends and family for Christmas is like picking your favorite child….really hard to do. I love all of our products and my children! If forced to pick only a couple, I would have to say the perfect gift package would be our Symphony bath bomb collection, combined with six single servings of our Chocolate on a Spoon (2 – Milk Chocolate & Marshmallows , 2 – Espresso, 2- Chai), and our caramelized white chocolate, Caramel & Corn bar. I think this would be the perfect combination for New Year’s Eve. Start the night with a dinner among friends, and cap it off with a wonderful desert complimented with pieces of the Caramel & Corn bar. Ring in the New Year with a cup of hot chocolate made with the Milk Chocolate & Marshmallows. The next day would start off with a luxurious bath with one of our bath bombs.  Not a bad way to ring in the New Year!”

David Hand - Head of Concentrates

“Mine would have to be a pairing of the Snap & Spice chocolate bar and a hybrid cartridge. The Snap & Spice with 5mg CBD and 5mg THC reminds me of a gingerbread man and makes for the perfect combination while roasting chestnuts on an open fire. If I am decorating the tree, I prefer a sativa cartridge, as the piney smell of the tree goes great with a piney Sour Diesel.”

Alex Lindsey - Manager of Operations

“One of the many great things about Coda Signature products is the elegant packaging and presentation. When I want to give my mother a Symphony bath bomb collection or my father-in-law an Active salve, there’s no question on the quality of the products and the care that went into their creation. The beauty of our products is amazing, but I especially like to give our award-winning truffle collections as stocking stuffers. When my family opens them up, their eyes dazzle with delight at the sight of our hand painted truffles.”

Shirley Potenza - Controller

“As wonderful as the holidays are, they are also a time that schedules are incredibly busy and finding the perfect gift can be stressful (either because of crowds in the mall or because you’ve sat at your computer for hours online shopping). To help alleviate this stress, I am gifting our wonderful Symphony bath bombs, or for those who don’t necessarily enjoy a relaxing bath as much as I do, our Active salve. To continue the relaxation, I am also including one of my favorite bars, Snap & Spice as it screams ‘holiday treat’ with its memory inducing the gingersnap flavor!”

Brien Sauchelli - Director of Facilities

“When you want to give a gift that shows how special someone is to you, nothing is better than Coda Signature truffles. The stunningly vivid hand decoration, flawless construction, and bold innovative flavors are sure to make a lasting impression. I suggest the Crescendo collection, which includes Juniper & Lemon, Earl Grey, and Burnt Caramel. This well rounded assortment is sure to satisfy any palate, from the uninitiated to the adventurous.”

Raquel Toto - Sales Coordinator

“I know I can Serenade any of my loved ones by gifting my favorite truffle collection! Gifting these truffles always begins with astounded reactions to the gorgeous art, to the delectable first bite into house-made raspberry jam & peanut butter, and then onto the amazing experience we get to share together because of it!”

Patrick Zachary - Chief Operating Officer

“Hands down I’m giving the people I love our beautiful Symphony bath bomb collection and our Active and Restore salves. The luxurious packaging is perfect for gifting and the experience is delightful. The salves will really come in handy after everyone starts hitting the gym and keeping all those New Year’s resolutions! Our topicals are a great way to introduce all the amazing benefits of cannabis for those who are curious to explore. And our truffle collections make for the perfect hostess gift for all those ugly Christmas sweater parties!”