New Year's Resolutions for Budtenders

5 Ways to help your Budtenders

Be more successful in 2019

  • Learn the MED/REC regulations - Compliance is an important defining factor of any legal cannabis establishment. Make sure you are referring to the MED & REC regulations of Colorado to ensure you are aware of state-wide rules. Resources for cannabis industry employee education are becoming more readily available, look out for different courses and trainings that might be helpful in your area or online.

  • Get to know your customers - Customers and patients should feel comfortable asking for help with product guidance. If they are regulars, they may know what they want, but some need assistance in navigating through products, quantities and devices. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge.

  • Be professional & respectful - Many assume that due to the casual nature of the industry, there is no need for common sensical features like cleanliness, kindness, and professionalism. This should not be the case. Customers and patients deserve respect just like any other paying consumer.

  • Know the products like the back of your hand - Knowing the products and their differing effects, pricing, and quantities is a key factor in successful selling. If a customer or patient knows nothing about the products they are being shown, they’re much less likely to buy.

  • Have fun - This is an exciting industry to be involved in. The growth surrounding the medical uses of cannabis and the ever-growing popularity among adult-use is continuing to impact laws across the world. Have fun with educating and helping others with these tips and you are sure to be a successful budtender.