Insider's Guide to Edibles

Here’s a list of common questions surrounding edibles and how to properly address them

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  • WHO ?

    Who am I as a consumer? To determine who you are as a consumer, start off with a small dose of 5mg or less. The effects can take over 2 hours, so if you find you aren’t feeling anything, often times you just haven’t waited long enough.

  • WHAT ?

    What do I buy? All MED & REC products in Colorado now require mandated lab-testing, so you can have more faith in the quantities of THC or CBD than your cousins home-baked special brownies. There are so many options out there now, it can be overwhelming, but try asking your budtender for recommendations if you have no clue what you might like.

  • WHEN?

    When will it kick in? The high from consuming edibles takes much longer than inhaling to feel the effects. Your body takes time to digest in your stomach, breaks down the THC in your liver and finally makes its way into the bloodstream. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, but the result lasts much longer than inhaling.

  • WHERE?

    Where should I consume? The safest option would be in the comfort of your own home with people you feel secure around. However, many people feel at ease being outdoors among nature and fresh air.

  • WHY?

    Why is my high not always consistent? Several factors determine the level of your high, so what might work well for you might not be best for the next guy. Aside from how much you consume, factors like metabolism, how much you’ve eaten/drank before consuming, blood pressure levels, gastrointestinal factors, etc. can all vary how your high is experienced.