Distillate vs. C02 Oil

The Key Differences Between Distillate & C02 Oil


When the common process of distillation was introduced to cannabis a few years back, it seemed to open up endless possibilities due to the tasteless and odorless properties. With the combination of heat extraction, vaporization, high-tech machinery, and a highly skilled professional the ability to create a 100% pure cannabinoid product was born. Because this product is so unadulterated, it has often been nicknamed “The Clear” & “The Pure.” One of the main downfalls of this magic concentrate is that terpenes have varying boiling points, meaning it can destroy all the terpenes within the extract unless the terpenes are separately extracted and infused later.

Therein lies our carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction technology, also known as C02 Oil Extract. Another adopted process, C02 extraction describes the practice of separating components from each other with the help of carbon dioxide. The first step in any process at our production facility is extracting the natural terpenes. Since we already produce C02 oil internally, we are able to reintroduce those terpenes to the distillate. This process is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but it is much safer than using butane or propane.

In short, distillate is essentially a blank slate extract, allowing the addition of preferred flavors and strains, whereas C02 oil is closer to the plant and highlights more of the natural terpenes. Either way you look at it, the best practice is to try them both to determine which is best for you. Find out more about our available strain-specific Concentrates and stay tuned for our Distillates coming soon!


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