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Coda Signature Concentrates


At Coda Signature, we are obsessed with creating the finest quality products for our customers.  When it comes to crafting our concentrates, here is how we do it:

Start with quality ingredients.

We source our flower from a select few Colorado grows and carefully choose strains that have a proven flavor and effect.  Our farming partners use sustainable cultivation practices throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

Extract with precision.

We use both subcritical and supercritical processes in order to capture the full benefit of the best parts of the plant. Our extraction methods stay true to the plant using terpenes from the original batch of flower. This proprietary process enables us to capture the full flavor and full effects of the plant creating the ultimate experience for you. The result is exceptional grade CO2 extracts free of residual solvents, cutting agents or additives.

Use custom engineered cartridges.

Our cartridges were custom designed to complement and enhance the experience of our concentrates. The ceramic casing is engineered with top air flow and has multiple intake holes for a smoother and more consistent vaping experience. 

Power with an elegant and effective battery.

Our battery has a custom design and voltage profile to ensure the optimal heating temperature for our oil.  In addition, we crafted the design with a sleek, soft-touch feel to enhance the overall experience. 

Architect with experience

Our head of concentrates has over 10 years growing cannabis and extracting oil.   He loves what he does and is always looking for new ways to combine the art and science of extraction. He and his team get up early every day to create pure and potent extracts that deliver the full spectrum of cannabis flavors, aromas and experiences. 

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