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Cannabis Business Times: How the Academy Awards Helped Normalize Cannabis—And How They Didn’t

What was accepted at the prestigious awards shows and what wasn’t - with quotes from our CEO

Leafly: Relax & Unwind

Coda bath bombs provide a tub full of relaxation after a stressful day

Forbes: Inside the $100,000 gift bag

Forbes highlights our bath bombs in this issue of swag bag contents

GQ Australia: Academy Awards gifts

A shoutout to our award-winning Crescendo truffles

CNBC: OSCAR® Swag Bag firsts

Making the headline of this article on nominee goodies

Leafly: Infused Decadence at the Coda Signature Chocolate Factory

A beautiful piece on the stories behind our gourmet products

Forbes: Valentine’s Day a big increase for cannabis sales

Recent data supporting which holidays prove successful in the weed industry

Hemp Connoisseur Magazine : Valetine’s Day Guide

Both our Serenade truffles and the Symphony bath bombs made this fun gift guide list

Forbes: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Premium cannabis infused chocolates available for your loved ones

Sensi Magazine: January 2019 Edition

Our Symphony Bath bombs got a shinning review in this month’s issue of Sensi

Green Entrepreneur: Cannabis Leaders Anticipate Increased Legalization and Competition in 2019

Grindeland among other industry leaders weigh in on what to expect in 2019 surrounding cannabis growth

Civilized: What to Expect from Cannabis in 2019

Our CEO, Mark Grindeland, weighs in on industry trends and changes for the new year.

New Cannabis Ventures: MedMan Investor of Granite Hall

Exclusive interview with Patrick Barry one of our esteemed partners

Aspen Times: 2018 Cannabis Connoisseurs Gift Guide

The Symphony bath bombs are a selected feature on this fun list

Leafly: 2018 Best in the State Cannabis Brands List

Best chocolate product in the entire state of Colorado among top cannabis spotlight brands!

Denver Westword: Gifts for the Holidays

Chocolate on a Spoon made the holiday gift guide for cannabis-inspired presents

Denver Westword: Colorado continues reign at 2018 Cannabis Business Awards

Our CEO Mark Grindeland wins Cannabis MVP award

MG Retailer: 50 Best Companies to Work for in Cannabis

It’s an honor to be listed among the top businesses within this industry

Denver Westword: Edible Recipes from the Experts

Chef Lauren Gockley shares 5 simple cannabis infused chocolate recipes

Leafly: Fall Favorite Edibles for 2018

Guess which seasonal delight was chosen for the this Leafly edition of Autumn treats

Forbes: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

A handbook for the top recommended edibles on the market this holiday season

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Benzinga: Best-Selling & Fastest Growing Cannabis Brands

A tribute to the newly released 2018 Leaflink list and the companies which set themselves apart

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Leafbuyer: The Chocolate Connection

Everything from Coda Signature demographics to awards & next steps

Denver Westword: Interview with Lauren Gockley

Cocoa & Cannabis with Coda Signature Chef


Cannabis Business Executive: How to Succeed in the Cannabis Edibles Market

8 Key Factors in facilitating a powerhouse Cannabis-related business

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CBS News: Recreational Cannabis is Legal in Canada

Mark Grindeland talks about what’s next in Canada with CBS News at Lodo Wellness

Yahoo Finance: Mark Grindeland on Cannabis Capital

Mark Grindeland explains what the end of prohibition in Canada means for the infused products industry

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MJBulls Podcast: Scaling Coda Signature

Hear about the origins of the company and plans for future growth

New Cannabis Ventures: Cannabis Value Chain with premium infused products

Exclusive interview with CEO Mark Grindeland and what Coda Signature has in store for the future